Black Friday Sale at Bigpeaks

This Friday is Black Friday in case you didn’t know! Here at Bigpeaks we have 6 great offers for you only valid this Friday, Saturday and Sunday. So come to the Bigpeaks shop this weekend and grab one of these deals!
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1. 20 Selected Bikes at 20% – 30% off

Bikes Bigpeaks








2. “RH+” Cycling Tops at 30% off

RH+ jacket








3. A Full Rail of Cycling Clothing at 50% off

Bike Clothing








4. Ex Marin Display Bikes at 20% off

Marin bikes








5. BMX/ Dirt Helmets at 25% off








6. Camelbaks and Amplifi Hydration Bags at 20% off








Looking for other Black Friday Bargains? We have more in the Bigpeaks store! Visit our special Bikes Sale page

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