Electric Bikes

Electric Bikes

If the last few years have been a time of monumental change for Mountain Bikes, then the same can be said for electric bikes as well! Electric bicycles—also known as e-bikes—have hit the bike scene and are making a major impression. While electric bicycles look like normal two-wheelers, they have a built-in electric motor for propulsion, mainly they kick in as you pedal.

The trick to making your electric bike a fitness tool is to use the motor just enough to keep going. Cycle away and when you hit a steep hill, change gear and select higher power levels which will give you that extra oomph to get up the hill.

Why buy an Electric Bicycle?

The great combination of cruising and cycling that electric bikes provide will generally save you a lot of effort (and some sweat), so you can burn some calories but prevent your ride from becoming a full-blown workout. Electric bicycles can aid you up steep inclines and help you cover ground faster. Normal fatigue worries are not such of a problem with an electric bike, because you always have power when you need it. As with buying a normal bike, getting an electric bicycle requires the right fit.

Come into the Bigpeaks bike store and we will suggest a model that will fit as well as ideally suit your particular needs.

What we have in stock

At Bigpeaks we carefully select some of the World's best electric bikes to stock in store; Trek, KTM, AVE, EBCO, Ridgeback and Raleigh Bikes are in store now and will soon be joined by Corratec, Electra and some interesting new Brands on the E-Bike scene.

We specialise in Bosch, Shimano Steps and Trans-X systems and are adding to our experience by constant staff training. Our competent staff are trained in all facets of E-Bikes from the Sales Process to  the Workshop. We also understand all the Engineering processes involved and our customers are pleased to find that in addition to the Warranties offered by the manufacturer, we offer 3 years of FREE servicing with every new E-Bike we sell. Come in and see and also try the new Bosch 500 Watt Performance Line CX systems, the very latest from Bosch!