Kids Bikes

Kids Bikes

Here at Bigpeaks we have a special area in store where we display our Kids Bikes and Kids accessories. We carefully select our Kids Bikes from some of the World’s leading Manufacturers. We stock a great range of kids and small adult bikes from Trek Bikes. Trek is a family owned company from Wisconsin USA and is generally regarded as the premier bike brand in the World.

We also stock the British Brands of Ridgeback and Saracen. Ridgeback have been making the best British kids bikes for years now and we also stock their sister brand Saracen for a point of difference. We even stock a kids fat bike from the other sister company Genesis. Marin Bikes USA is also well respected for kids bikes worldwide and they produce some great bikes for kids and small adults too.

Some trendy niche brands have also entered the kids bike market recently and we stock Wishbone bikes which are made from recycled plastics and one model comes as a tricycle which converts to a bicycle!  Early Rider bikes produce the very lightest bikes which have cartridge bearings and some models are belt driven too! These bikes are smashing it on design and they deliver great bikes that Dads admire! In fact they would love to have them in a bigger size for themselves!

Wide range of stock

The kids bikes come in different sizes and are mostly measured in wheel inches instead of frame size. In the UK we start with 12” then 16”, 20” and 24”,. We now however see 26” and even 27.5”sizes with small frames. We have a bike in store for all these sizes, so whatever the age or height we have a bike in stock!

Safety is very important when buying a kids bike. You want your child to learn to ride a bike but in the safest way possible so he or she will not be hurt and discouraged from riding again. Therefore it is important to buy the right size bike which fits your child in a way he or she can just touch the ground when sitting on the saddle. We adjust the kids bikes to suit once we have selected the correct bike size. We then offer free servicing for two years and at each scheduled service, we re-adjust the bike to suit the child’s growth!

At Bigpeaks we fit the perfect bike for your child which will not only be safe but will be appropriate for use for a longer time. Alongside the bikes we stock kids specific helmets, gloves, pads and a range of other thoughtful accessories. Tagalongs are also stocked and child seats from Bobike and Hamax. Come to the store and enjoy a look around our extensive kids section!

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