Road Bikes

Road Bikes

At Bigpeaks we stock a healthy amount of road bikes for every road bikers’ needs. We have Race bikes, Sportive Bikes, and road bikes for Commuting and Touring and we have great expertise in the new Gravel bikes too! We have built an enviable reputation over the years for supplying Quality and Good Value Road Bikes.  We have a wealth of knowledge of what works for each purpose and what fits and we are available to discuss the finest detail so that we supply the very best option ‘on budget’. We take pride in adjusting the bike to fit perfectly and we make sure that the bike is fit for the purpose it is intended for.

Tailored Road Bike Solution

We have very generous stocks of accessories too, this enables you to make finishing touches to the bike and so individualise your bike. Helmets, clothing, footwear and parts complete the picture. We specialise in Devon Hill conversions so you can customise your road bike for the steep and sometimes unforgiving Devon Terrain.

All the bikes that leave the store will be specially fitted for the rider so you will have the perfect riding position on your perfect size bike. If required, we will change over components to make the bike that bit more comfortable as part of our drive to achieve excellence. We regularly build custom road bikes for the rider who wants a special long distance traveller, commuter bike or a lightweight special gravel bike. All custom builds are undertaken by our competent, experienced and qualified mechanics.


Road Bike Brands

 We stock a good range of Road bikes from renowned bike brands such as Trek, Eddy Merckx, Focus, Genesis, Tifosi and Marin. We also stock a limited number of specialist Brands that we Build up as Custom Bikes from Framesets and you will find Qoroz, Lynskey, Salsa and Surly also around the Store. Why not pop in the store or give us a call and we will be very pleased to do our best to help you find exactly what you are looking for!