Free Bike Servicing

Free Bike Servicing

Things you should know! Bigpeaks is proud to offer a Free Lifetime Bike Servicing Package with every bike we sell that retails for £400 or more. This is known as our 'Buddy Card' Service Package. Bikes retailing at over £400 get Free Lifetime Bike Servicing:

Your first service will take place around 6-8 weeks after purchase (Important to check initial wear and tear/adjust gears and brakes for cable stretch etc., and check all fixings) Annual Servicing; Free Buddy Services (to be taken within 1 month of anniversary of date of purchase!) This service is exactly the same as our normal standard bike service and we just charge, only if necessary, for parts the and associated fitting of worn or broken parts that are required. Besides this, the Annual Service is free for all Buddy Customers!

10% Buddy Discount: Gives our customers 10% Off parts/accessories/helmets/clothing/shoes in the Bigpeaks store. Also this means that parts fitted at service intervals are adjusted down by 10% discount. All other bikes, including kids bikes, are also entitled to 3 free services (the 1st service within 6-8 weeks, the 2nd service at years one and two as above (within 1 month of anniversary of purchase).

Bigpeaks Guarantee

We offer a 90 day guarantee on work carried out within the workshop on store-quality bikes. Labour on tube changes for instance is also covered for 90 days. Our staff and workshop staff are highly qualified, we exceed all of the normal Bike Maintenance and Workshop Qualifications. There is nothing we cannot do to a bicycle. Very often we can fix things that our customers have been told are unfixable! That is what you get and what you should expect from true professionals!