Hybrid Bikes

Hybrid Bikes

At Bigpeaks, we stock a good range of Hybrid bikes. We carefully choose models to stock in the Store here in Ashburton, but if we don’t have the size or model you require, we can normally, in just a few days, have that special bike delivered and built for you.

Different Types of Hybrid Bikes

There are many types of Hybrid bike these days:  speedy road derived hybrids, comfort adapted mountain bikes, flat bar road bikes, touring bikes and commute hybrid bikes.

Hybrid bikes are generally bikes based upon 700c sized wheels as commonly found on all road bikes, but with slightly fatter tyre widths of about 28-45mm. These Hybrid bikes are light weight and comfortable and can be used on road or cycle track ride at the weekend and are idea for fast commute to work in the week.

Besides the more road bike orientated hybrids there are also more comfort ‘mountain bike orientated’ hybrid bikes. These Hybrid bikes have slightly wider 700c road sized wheels, tyres suitable for gravel and mud and can have front suspension which you can lock out. These Hybrid bikes gives you a comfortable road experience and a better off road experience when you do decide to use the front suspension and steer onto rougher ground.



In the hilly Devon terrain with rough roads and the possibility to ride off road terrain, these Hybrid bikes that are more commonly known now as Dual Sports are a great and ever more popular choice. We also stock more comfort orientated hybrid bikes in various types and wheel sizes with a slightly more straight up position. ideal for that easy going, relaxed ride into town. These comfort Hybrids are also packed with a lot of gears for the hilly Devon terrain!

At Bigpeaks we also stock typical fully equipped touring bikes with flat bars and comply grips for a great long tour experience. We have recently customised these Touring Hybrids for the Coast to Coast, End to End ‘Jogle’ and ‘Lejog’ and for 3000+ mile European tours.

While we specially select what we stock from experience, we are happy to order any bike from the large selection of Brands we offer in store. Bikes are carefully adjusted to fit the rider and we use our vast experience and skill to make each bicycle exactly right for each customer.

Hybrid Bike Brands

We have hybrid bikes from Trek, Marin, Genesis, Ridgeback, Raleigh, Saracen, KTM, Focus, Ritchey and Salsa. Give us a call or pop in the store for some advice and fitting. We have a large car park where you can try out our range of bikes. We will try our very best to find the perfect bike for you!

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