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Consider buying a balance bike for a small one at around the age of 2.

In terms of cost, be prepared to spend around £100+ for a good quality Balance Bike. Cheaper bikes are available, but higher-quality bikes are a better investment as they have a high resale value and will last through several kids.

It is a fact that the Higher-end bikes have been proven to be significantly safer than cheaper bikes as their air tyres provide better traction and their lower centre of gravity generally allows kids to balance much better and to remain balanced at slower speeds.

Whether your toddler is an off-roading MTB maniac or a street cruising princess, there are lots of good Balance Bikes on the market.

Air tyres are preferred if your child will ride the bike for several years,  With little practice a 2 ½ year-old will quickly be riding over hills if you let them, so be sure to purchase a bike with knobby air tyres, such as those for sale here at Bigpeaks.

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Easy Rider Balance Bike

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Review: Alley Runner – Early Rider Balance Bike

Classically modern and functionally sophisticated, the ‘Alley Runner’ by Early Rider is every bike junkies’ pre-school dream come true.  Built with a hand-brushed and lacquered aluminium frame on high-profile air tyres, the Alley Runner is a dream on wheels topped off with a carbon fibre seat post and a faux-leather riveted saddle.  Weighing only a mere 7.9 lb, the Alley Runner is designed to ride as well as it looks.  Quick and responsive, the Alley Runner comes complete with sealed bearings, integrated threadless aluminium headset and narrow carbon fibre handlebars.

The Best Bikes for Pre-schooler kids aged 3 ½ and up

By 3 ½ kids typically need a bike as close to a real bike as possible.  While foam or hard rubber tyres are still durable enough for pre-schoolers, there is a lot to be said of the increased traction and “bike-like” feel that a good Balance Bike with air tyres can offer.  Hand brakes are also a bonus, as most kids can fully utilize them by the age of four.

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