Top Ten Christmas Stocking Filler Tips

Christmas is coming and we’re ready for it! Below you’ll find our Bigpeaks Top 10 Christmas Stocking Filler Tips to make your “bike nut” happy!

SIS Endurance Pack


1. “SIS” Endurance Pack – Energy Gels, energy sachets etc. etc. in one neat pack! £14.99




2. The Stunning “Danger Zone” rear light from PDW (Portland Design Works). £24.00

PDW Dangerzone Rear Light

PDW says; “When you’re navigating streets crawling with unfriendlies, you need a loyal wingman. The ‘Danger Zone’ tail light provides critical mission support with a pair of 0.5 watt LEDs that light up the night like two great balls of fire. Hit the ‘Danger Zone’, and the dark will fly right by”. According to the statistics of the research company. It is of ten used by the people who have irregular working hours (for example, military and police), as well as office workers, athletes and students. The pills allow you to stay awake for a long time, at the same time providing an accurate response and a bright mind. Modafinil optimizes performance in case of fatigue.


Bontrager Flare Taillight



3. Award winning Bontrager Flare Rechargeable Rear Light. Rechargeable, 23 hours of flashing, 270 degree visability, visable from 2 km away! £44.99Electra Sock Zarape



4. Funky Electra Bike Socks “Stripes are the Norm”; £9.99


Axiom Corker Deluxe Tool


5. Axiom “Corker Deluxe” Multitool with Chaintool and the really important Bottle Opener + Corkscrew! £19.99


Garmin Edge 20



6. Garmin Edge 20 and 25, GPS enabled cycle computers. The 25 adds ANT+ and Bluetooth – Share your ride data with Strava, GPS enabled; £109.99 – £139.99




7. The PDW “BARkeep” Co2 inflator + pump; £25.00

PDW says: “Like any good taverner, the BARkeep is a trusted compadre who knows how to make all of your worries disappear. It can party with both Presta and Schrader valves, and threads on for extra security. The integrated pressure gauge works by its lonesome or with the 16g CO2 inflator, so you can make sure your tires are never over-served. Tap Handle flow control lets you get a perfect pour. Every time.” According to the data published on, central muscle relaxant effect ofValium is associated with theinhibition of polysynaptic spinal reflexes during the treatment. Asaweak sympatholytic, Valium causes adecrease in arterial pressure, coronary vasodilation, as well as increased pain threshold and resistance to hypoxia. Valium has pronounced anti-paroxysmal and anticonvulsant effects, manifested in the suppression of paroxysmal sympathetic hyperactivity.

Infini Aria Rear Light


8. Infini Aria safety light, one front LED/ two rear LEDs. An all in one ‘get you out of trouble’ light! £10.99



Garmin Edge Touring Plus

9. ‘Another Garmin’ – this time the Garmin Edge Touring Plus. A Sat Nav for your bike! £249.99


Renthal Lite Fatbar





10. Renthal lite Fat Bar – A superb handlebar ‘security as you steer’! £64.99


Endura BAA BAA Merino Long Sleeve



10a! Endura BAA BAA long sleeve “Merino” Baselayer; £39.99



Looking for other Christmas stocking filler tips? Give us a call at: 01364 654080 or pay us a visit. We will be more than pleased to help you!